The whole Tourist and Heritage Rail Sector relies heavily on volunteers without whom many of the Tourist and Heritage Rail operations around the nation would not have begun let alone been able to continue and grow the way they have. Of course we have local volunteers who help all the time, but none of us can have too many Рso we welcome those who can give us a few hours, a few days or a few weeks of their time.  Perhaps you are passing through and would like to help?

Planning a holiday somewhere in Australia soon? Ever thought of spending some time helping out at a tourist or heritage railway while you’re in the area? There are lots of ways you could help – see below – so if interested in finding out more, get in contact with us and we’ll be glad to introduce you to the relevant people!

Volunteer Gardeners at the Spring Bluff railway station, Toowoomba Qld. Volunteer Gardeners at the heritage listed Spring Bluff Railway Station near Toowoomba Qld.

Volunteers come from all sectors of the community, including those attracted by social responsibility issues as well as those with a particular interest in heritage transport. Management and admin skills; people skills; machinery and technical skills, building, gardening and other outdoor skills; we can find a place for you whatever your experience and abilities might be!


  • Social interaction, new friends;
  • Learn new skills or brush up on old ones;
  • Share your knowledge, experience and skills with younger volunteers;
  • Help non-profit groups in your community;
  • Great work experience and job preparation;
  • Help to keep you fit and mentally active;
  • Have a lot of fun doing something worthwhile!

Check out any of the Tourist or Heritage Railway and Tramway organizations in your OWN area too- they are SURE to want you and you are CERTAIN to have some skills they can use!